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Choose Angrove Law as your independent legal advice for a friendly, personable lawyer to walk you through your contract or agreement. We take a collaborative approach to helping you understand your legal position. Book a free call to determine whether Angrove Law is right for you.

A simple and affordable process that keeps you in control.

Independent Legal Advice Pricing:

$220 / hour


Est. 3 hours

Contractor agreements or service contracts

Est. 5 hours

Cohabitation agreements

Est. 4 - 5 hours

Marriage Contract

Est. 6 - 8 hours


Est. 1 - 2 hours

The above hours are estimates.

The amount of hours incurred will depend on the complexity of the agreement, the number of questions you have, and the collaborative nature (or not!) of the drafting lawyer and the other party.

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Common Questions with independent legal advice

Independent legal advice is when you get advice from a lawyer who isn’t involved with the other people who are party to an agreement and did not draft the agreement. This happens before you sign the agreement. The lawyer giving this advice reviews the agreement and other documents then goes over it with you. Again, this is not the lawyer who made the agreement. By getting separate legal counsel, you are protecting this agreement from being challenged in the future as unfair. This is done to make sure you really understand what will happen when you sign the agreement and other papers. And to let the courts know in the future that you weren’t being made to sign the papers because of bad reasons like force, threats, or not having equal power in the situation.

There are some types of agreements that require parties have separate legal consultation. This requirement will be stipulated in the guiding legislation. A good example is a separation agreement, where the Divorce Act or the provincial family law act asks that all parties get their own lawyers to review the contract so that the agreement is fair and everyone knows their rights. 

This is not always the case. For example, in many provinces you can sign a waiver of independent legal advice for a cohabitation agreement. And, employment law generally doesn’t require that you get your own lawyer – for large contracts it would still be smart!

In your consultation call with Angrove Law, we will give you your options on the type and amount of legal assistance you need for your situation.

A separate lawyer who isn’t involved with the other people in a legal agreement can provide you with this type of legal service. This lawyer is chosen by you. This lawyer did not draft the agreement. This lawyer is knowledgeable of the area of law of the agreement.

The cost of independent legal advice can be anywhere from $450 or more. The price varies depending on the complexity of the agreement, whether the parties already are agreement, the power imbalances, the legal knowledge, 

Hilary and her family spend their year travelling between Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta where they own property. As a result of the national mobility agreement, Hilary can practice law in each of the provinces. When she is not physically in a place she can offer her services completely online through video calls, phone, and email.

A certificate of independent legal advice is a paper signed by a lawyer who did not draft the contract, confirming they’ve given fair legal guidance to you about signing the contract. This helps show the person understood what they were doing without any outside pressure. It’s to prove that both parties made their choices with proper advice.

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