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Cohabitation Agreement Pricing Options:

#1 Simple CohaB Agreement

2 meetings
$995 - $1295
Real Estate
1 PRoperTY

#2 Complex Cohab Agreement

2 meetings
$1195 - $1595
Real Estate
2 or more properties

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What can you include in a cohabitation agreement?

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Common Co-hab Agreement Questions:

Yes, you can download free cohabitation agreements that can be found online or use ChatGPT. However you’ll still end up fighting, because boilerplate online contracts are easily challenged in court. That’s why we always recommend to get your agreement completed with a lawyer that you trust and understand.

A cohabitation agreement is a contract signed between two people who are in a serious relationship and live together but are not married. In Canada, we call this type of relationship a common-law couple or civil partnership. 

Common-law couples get agreements made for a variety of reasons. Either to protect their assets or to make sure assets are split equally upon separation. It’s a good ting to do! As an unmarried couple you are not protected by the law in the same way! 

A common reason for getting a cohabitation agreement is because one partner is moving in with the other. And, the other partner owns the home. When there are two or less properties in question, this is a pretty simple cohabitation agreement. 

If you are going to address that one person will remain the owner in a cohabitation agreement, you need to address other matters as well. Even if it is to say you are undecided. If you ever end up in court, the judges will wonder why you only considered real estate and wcould interpret it to mean that you wanted everything else split equally!

The best thing about drafting an agreement is that most things are your choice! Some couples will choose to have the terms of the agreement survive into their marriage. In Ontario, the agreement will be transferred to marriage unless there is a clause stipulating that you do not want it to. 

Where some couples choose to have the agreement voided upon marriage, it is smart to agree on new terms in a  domestic contract.

In your meeting with Angrove Law, we will discuss the options available to you and so you can move forward with the best choice for your circumstance.

Angrove Law is happy to provide independent legal advice to clients who are entering into a cohabitation agreement. Our independent legal advice is charged at our hourly rate. Contact Angrove Law for more details specific to your needs.

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