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Domestic Contracts

Domestic Contracts in Ontario

There are five types of domestic contracts in Ontario, as set out in Part IV of the Family Law Act (“FLA“): What makes a Domestic Contract legally valid? Your agreement will be valid if: Why is Independent Legal Advice important? Independent legal advice is not a formal requirement, but it

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Marriage Contracts

Do you need a Prenuptial Agreement in Ontario?

A prenuptial agreement in Ontario or “prenup” is a wise investment to outline your and your partner’s finances prior to tying the knot! Also, in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown, a prenup ensures a fair distribution of assets. Prenup is the American slang for ‘prenuptial agreement’ which is

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Marriage Contracts

What is a prenuptial agreement? Is it valid in Canada?

In the video below Hilary Angrove founder of Angrove Law answers the question on what is a prenuptial agreement and whether they hold up in court. Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Explains: Getting married is an exciting time, but it’s also a good opportunity to think about the future and protect yourself