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We provide a simple and affordable process to incorporating your business, and preparing the agreements that you need to run smoothly and stay out of court.

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Transparent Fee-for-Service Business Law Pricing


General Price
REgulated Industry PRICE
As per Gov

Corporate & Commercial Agreements

Loan Agreement
$500 - $850
Shareholders Agreement
$900 - $1400
Demand Letter
Partnership Agreement
$250 - $500
$700 - $1000

Employment Law Agreements

$700 - $1000
Professional Services
Independent Contractor

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Details about Angrove Law Services for Your Business

We provide business law services to all stages of business. 

We help entrepreneurs in the early stages by providing non-disclosure agreements, legislation review,  and incorporations. Once in the financing phase, we draft and review loan agreements and promissory notes. Once a business is in operation is when we usually full suite of business law agreements. But, this is only an example as every business is different! 

At Angrove Law, we pride ourselves in our honesty and believe it’s how we built our foundational clients. For instance, we may advise an individual operating a small shop, with little expenses and few tax savings through incorporation, to remain unincorporated for the time being (for free!) 

If you’re co-owners of a business and don’t have any agreements, you should book a consultation call. And, if you’re fighting with your partner or shareholders and you don’t have an agreement in place – we’ll refer you to someone who does litigation! We advise that you get your affairs in order with a business lawyer to avoid litigation.

The originating business law documents, such as a partnership agreement or shareholder’s agreement, may seem like a waste of money when everything is exciting and running smoothly. This is especially true if your capital is focused on business growth. But what happens when your business relationship catches a snag? No matter how good of friends you are with your co-owners, when money or a passion project is involved, there will be a disagreement. If you set the parameters for your relationship ahead of time, you’re less likely to fight and more likely to easily sort it out (by referring to your business law documents).

Every business should have a website. And every website should have the following two pages. 

(1) Terms & Conditions

(2) Privacy Policies

These two pages are required by law, especially if you have a login portal! And, if that isn’t enough reason for you – then get these pages drafted to help with your marketing!

Undeniably the dullest page on your website, the T&C page sets the rules for using your website. So Google expects a trustworthy business to have a T&Cs and Privacy Policies available to site visitors (and so does the law….) Your business will be in Google search results if you do not have these two pages! (much sexier than the law…) Remember, Google is smart so they do not trust businesses who copy & paste from other businesses.

This is an example of how Hilary’s combined business and legal experience help Angrove Law clients in multifaceted ways.

Angrove Law charges $250 – $500 per webpage policy. Actual cost depends upon complexity of your online business.

It’s important for you to have your business law affairs in order or risk meeting your business partner or employees in court. We understand the expense of running a business – outside of legal services! That’s why we’re happy to offer fee-for-service pricing so that you can anticipate your legal costs. We also offer reduced pricing for updating a previous agreement. For example, you pay less when you use Angrove Law for your first independent contractor agreement and then use our services again when you engage with a new contractor who needs a similar agreement!

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