“Our mission is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price To Keep people out of court.“

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Why We Do It

TO address the need for Personable, Affordable Lawyers

Hilary saw an unmet need for personable, affordable lawyers providing easy-to-understand, trustworthy legal services. Our focus at Angrove Law is getting your legal affairs in order before an issue arises. The less you need a lawyer the better!  We provide our clients with useful, often reusable, documents so that you stay out of court.

By operating with low overhead, we can offer upfront realistic pricing.

Who We Work With

Businesses & Individuals

Hilary and Sara bring a unique and personable approach to their practice. What does this look like? We don’t use legalese. We are collaborative. We give you real advice – even if that means not working with us!

At Angrove Law, we work with both individuals and families, solopreneurs, partnerships, and corporations.

Our approach is personable and transparent. Our pricing makes it easy to plan for your legal services, with no surprises. We’ll also be honest with you. 

At Angrove Law, we work with a lot of female entrepreneurs, and are happy to provide special packages to help create and grow those businesses.

As business owner herself, Hilary brings this first hand experience to her business law services. Both Hilary and Sara understand the importance of asset protection, whether it’s for your will, your prenup, or your shareholders agreement.

Areas of Law We Practice

Corporate Clients

Individual Clients

Our Team

We Are Here For You
Hilary Angrove Lawyer in Nova Scotia
Hilary Angrove, Founder & Lawyer
Sara MacDonald Headshot
Sara Q MacDonald, Lawyer
Mark Taylor Angrove Law
Mark Taylor, Web & IT

About Hilary

Hilary started her career in sales where she learned about grit while living off of commission. She then worked in digital marketing in corporate Calgary. After ten years in the workforce, she decided to pursue law . 

Before starting Angrove Law, Hilary lobbied for Atlantic Canadian social enterprises in Ottawa, helped build free legal tools for start-ups in Nova Scotia, worked as the legal liaison product manager for a start-up building a “divorce on demand” software, and worked at a firm downtown Halifax. Each of these positions now inform the way she approaches her practice – with efficiency, clear communication, excellence, and affordability at the core.

Hilary and her family of four spend time camping, biking, skiing and exploring the outdoors.

Hilary is knowledgeable of the law in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta. She has a license to practice law in Nova Scotia and Ontario, and provides certain agreements for  Alberta as a result of the National Mobility Agreement.


About Sara

Sara has worked as a legal assistant, paralegal, intern, office manager, articling student and lawyer. Sara’s ‘ground up’ experiences in various cities and offices have provided an appreciation for the complexities of the law and a commitment to accessible and collaborative legal services.

Sara enjoys playing volleyball and the occasional golf game. Sara and her family of four love to spend time outside and going for walks with their dog, Harvey.

Sara is licensed to practice law in Ontario (LSO #80836D)


At Angrove Law, for certain matters, we are happy to refer our clients to other lawyers who not only specialize in other areas of law but embody our values.

Jenny Boehner for corporate law and independent legal advice in Nova Scotia

Lauren Vogel for personal injury in Nova Scotia

Ivan Steele for immigration law and independent legal advice in Ontario