“Our mission is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price To Keep people out of court.“

Why We Do It

TO address the need for Personable, Affordable Lawyers

Hilary was often told that to be a successful business owner you need to clearly understand both your accountant and your lawyer (and spiritual guide!)  Or, risk missing something vital, or worse being duped. After almost a decade in the corporate world and a stint with estate lawyers…she realized that statement was true – even if you’re not a business owner!

Hilary saw an unmet need for personable, affordable lawyers providing easy-to-understand, trustworthy legal services. Our focus at Angrove Law is getting your legal affairs in order before an issue arises. The less you need a lawyer the better!  We provide our clients with useful, often reusable, documents so that you stay out of court.

By operating with low overhead, we can offer upfront realistic pricing for all.

Who We Work With

Businesses & Individuals

Hilary has worked and lived in Alberta, interior BC, Quebec, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. She brings this cross-Canada experience to her practice. 

At Angrove Law, we work with both individuals and families, solopreneurs, partnerships, and corporations.

Our approach is personable and transparent. Our pricing makes it easy to plan for your legal services, with no surprises. We’ll also be honest with you. And are happy to turn clients away if they’re already protected under legislation or don’t need an agreement!

At Angrove Law, we work with a lot of female entrepreneurs, and are happy to provide a 10% discount to woman business owners.

Areas of Law We Practice

Corporate Clients

Individual Clients

At Angrove Law, we pride ourselves in staying within our realm of knowledge and practice areas. For certain matters, we are happy to refer our clients to other lawyers who embody our values.

Property Law to Jenny Boehner
Immigration Law to Isaac Gray
Divorce and Separation to Lisa Teryll 
Personal Injury to Lauren Vogel

Our Team

We Are Here For You
Hilary Angrove Lawyer in Nova Scotia
Hilary Angrove, Founder & Lawyer
Mark Taylor Angrove Law
Mark Taylor, Web & IT
Victoria Evans
Victoria Evans, Marketing & Admin
Kai, Team Mascot

About Hilary

Hilary started her career in sale where she learned about grit while living off commission. She then worked in digital marketing in corporate Calgary. After ten years in the workforce, she decided to pursue law . 

Since law school, Hilary has lobbied for Atlantic Canadian social enterprises in Ottawa, helped build free legal tools for start-ups in Nova Scotia, and worked as the legal liaison product manager for a start-up building a “divorce on demand” software. Each of these positions now inform the way she approaches her practice – with efficiency, clear communication, and affordability at the core.

Hilary and her husband also owns and operates a variety of businesses, including an SEO and digital marketing agency. This means she brings first hand experience to her business law practice.